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Last modified: June 13, 2017

Hey guys, if you’re after a voice that is friendly with a British accent, I’m your man. I will offer you a 100 word or 1 minute voice over recording for your explainer video. 

Additional add ons are available.

Here’s what you get for just $20:

  1. 1 minute or 100 word professional voice over
  2. Recorded in an an acoustically treated studio with professional mic
  3. Edited in your required format of mp3 or wav using the highest grade Adobe Audition software 
  4. Voice over script will be read with the instructions on pace and style you provide
  5. Voice read in an authentic British accent

I am available to answer your questions and respond to inquiries if required. I believe in good communication and therefore am available online (during UK hours). 

The cost for this basic service is $20.  You can also see the additional services and upgrades available.

We can provide royalty free background music as well from our own sources (you can pick the music or effects you like and send me the link to add to your production).


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    I've been doing voice overs professionally for over 2 years. I bring a British warm trusting voice to your project.
Opening Message

Delighted to have you choose me for your voice over script. I'll just need your script and any direction at this stage as once its recorded there won't be multiple takes.

What is the pace of the read?
What is the mood of the read?
Are there any words which you require to be emphasised?

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