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Last modified: June 16, 2017

ABOUT:  Hi, my name is Ronney.  I am a freelance videographer and I want to do your video project.  I run a freelance video production business: Colorez Video Productions.

WHAT I DO: Colorez fulfills customer’s video production needs;

  • weddings
  • business
  • life events
  • real estate
  • music videos
  • other freelance projects

WHY PICK MEColorez Quality is the Difference

  • Customer engagement from start to finish
  • Your story is the focus
  • Attention to detail and creativity
  • Video shot in 1080p High Definition
  • Cinematic and emotion based visuals
  • High quality audio, graphics, music, and more
  • Strategic planning and marketing assistance
  • Target and compliment social media tools
  • Copyright laws observed

WHAT YOU GET: For $20, you will receive an initial consult to discuss the details of your project that includes:

  • Planning session to discover your intent, goals, objectives
  • What to expect in producing a video
  • Phases in making your video
  • Timeline for your project
  • Marketing review
  • Considerations
  • Proposal and Client Creative Brief  (Packet includes: complete plan and schedule outlining how your video will be created).



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    Colorez fulfills customer's video production needs; weddings, business, life events, music videos, real estate, or any freelance filming need you have. Your satisfaction is priority!
Opening Message

Thanks for choosing Colorez Video Productions!

In order to start your project please send me the following information:

1. Type of video you need: Wedding, business/corporate, real estate, music video, life event, other.

2. Filming/event date, time, location.

3. What is the goal of your video?

4. How long do you want the final edited video to be?

5. Do you want music or narration?

6. Any other details that help paint a picture for me.

If applicable:
- Why have you chosen video media to convey your message?
- What is the main/core message you wish to send?
- Who is your primary audience?
- How does your target audience currently feel about your product/service? What change do you want?
- What benefits does your organization offer over competitors?
- What’s the single most important statement we can make to achieve your objective?
- What else can you list to assist the creative development? Do you have any topics/ideas?

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