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Making Money with Video Creation Marketplace

For freelancers who offer services related to video production, video editing, video marketing, etc., just starting out and finding new clients can be pretty difficult to do. There are many established competitors out there and you might not be able to find clients right away. However, with the launch of our video creation marketplace,, it is becoming easier for any freelance video professional to start making money selling their video-related services almost right away without the need of their own website, formal business formation, branding, marketing and other expensive business development steps.

VideoToOrder Video Creation Marketplace

Here are 4 broad categories of video-related services that freelancers can offer in the video creation marketplace at

Video Content Creation

When you offer video content creation services, you are working with clients to create the content for their videos. The clients will usually provide the general topics and types of videos that they want and you will create the video content based on their needs.

Here are just a few ways freelance video makers can make money through our video creation marketplace:

  • Create After Effects Templates and Video Introductions
  • Produce Whiteboard Videos and Animated Explainer Videos
  • Sell Videos for Holidays Greetings, Birthdays Wishes & Special Occasions
  • Make Video Testimonials, Product Reviews & Client Endorsements

Video Editing

A wide array of freelance video editing services can be offered to clients via a video creation marketplace, too. Video editors cut and assemble raw video footage into a finished video product. Just like other artists, the editor’s work will create the overall look, feel and pace of a video.

Video editing often goes beyond putting video clips into order and rendering them into a digital file, editors can also work on:

  • Green Screen & Chroma Key
  • Image & Color Correction
  • Other Technical Video Services

Video Marketing

Video marketing service usually involves the promotion and distribution of videos, helping clients get the most return on their investment in video. Video marketers are often tasked with mass uploading videos to various video hosting providers and social networks as well as promoting engagement with those videos through views, likes, comments and shares.

Through our video creation marketplace, video marketers are also helping customers with:

  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, Backlinks & Bookmarking
  • Script Writing and Video Descriptions
  • Language Translation & Video Transcription

Audio for Video Services

The general rule is that audio quality is as important, if not more important, than the image in video. Freelance audio professionals deal with a wide array of important services for their clients:

  • Voiceover & Narration Services
  • Soundtracks & Background Music
  • Stingers & Audio Logos
  • Sound Effects & Foley
  • Other Sound Design and Engineering Services

We’ve only really covered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the types of video-related services that freelance video professionals can offer via our video creation marketplace at; you are only limited by your imagination and abilities! Founder & CEO, L Scott Harrell, said in Video Entrepreneur Magazine about video-related service businesses:

We are on the cusp of a content revolution! Just as web design professionals, application developers, writers and graphics professionals have all seen a huge jump in demand for their services, video professionals are just coming into their own now, too, and they will be indispensable.

Setting up a seller profile and putting your first job online takes less than 10 minutes and is super simple. Freelance video editors, video creators, video marketers and audio professionals can literally make money the very first day they are online at the premier video creation marketplace

About L. Scott Harrell

My primary interest is meeting the burgeoning demand for video content; specifically, custom video content creation across a sweeping range of needs and budgets.

Author: L. Scott Harrell

My primary interest is meeting the burgeoning demand for video content; specifically, custom video content creation across a sweeping range of needs and budgets.