The 3 Unexpected Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

If you are thinking about adding interactive videos to your marketing strategy, bravo! You have made the right decision. The use of videos as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Beyond the obvious benefits of video marketing, like the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits of video, easy delivery of your marketing message, increased customer retention, etc., nothing can boost a customer’s awareness and recall more effectively than a well-produced video. But, did you realize that there are additional tangible benefits your business can experience in addition to mere customer awareness? Continue reading “The 3 Unexpected Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business”

6 Reasons Why Hiring a Freelance Videographer is Better for Business

Six reasons why hiring a freelance videographer is a better business decision than bringing video production in-house.

As the march towards video continues to dominate the discussion around marketing for small and medium sized businesses, the inevitable question becomes, “Which is better, hiring a freelance videographer or bringing video production in-house?”

No one can argue that video has recently become an integral part of any effective marketing campaign – and for good reason; a good marketing video is usually fast-paced, engaging and can capture and hold the attention of the audience within a matter of seconds. For these reasons and others (video is also a fundamental part of search engine optimization, too), the use of video as a marketing tool is projected to continue to skyrocket.

As a matter of fact, video marketing is projected to increase by more than 25%, making it a $140 billion industry.

But, as a business owner, how exactly do you get started with video production? You generally have a choice: Continue reading “6 Reasons Why Hiring a Freelance Videographer is Better for Business”

3 Ideas to Kick-start Small Business Video Marketing Creativity

I have news for you: creative small business video marketing ideas don’t have to look, sound and smell like video advertising!

The explosion of social media means that businesses now know a lot more about their customers. It also means that businesses both large and small are under pressure to make that great first impression with their clients. Using videos in your marketing strategy could be the smartest thing a business owner can do for the promotion of their brand. Continue reading “3 Ideas to Kick-start Small Business Video Marketing Creativity”