VideoToOrder has Launched! What Happened This First Week in Startup has been open to the public in beta now for 7 days. The site launched at approximately 5pm on May 19, 2017 to very little fanfare but constant messages from users eager to get a jump on getting their freelancer profiles and video services up before others. It seems that our voice services brand ambassador (and voice over talent), Earl Hall, had been talking up our freelance video production services website for several weeks and had gotten a few of his social media followers worked up into a froth about jumping onto the newest platform that would potentially launch their freelance voice-over service businesses by connecting them with other freelancers who are working on video projects. As a result, the website has started off a bit heavy in the freelance voiceover services category.

This first week, added 62 users who posted 37 video services, which was higher than I had expected. The majority of those services, 23 of them, were posted Continue reading “VideoToOrder has Launched! What Happened This First Week in Startup”