The Freelance Video Production Marketplace – VideoToOrder Early Access, the video production marketplace where buyers can find freelance service providers online to make videos for them, is launching with exclusive beta access to early adopters and those who want to take advantage of “being in” at the very top.

L. Scott Harrell - Founder & CEO VideoToOrder.comMy name is L. Scott Harrell and I am the Founder and CEO of Thanks for clicking through to read this article; I’m truly excited that you’re interested in our video production marketplace. I am 100% committed to supporting you and your success through our new and innovative video services marketplace. Whether you are buying or selling video-related services, it is absolutely important to me that have a fantastic and rewarding experience.

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The Video Creation Marketplace – Making Money as a Freelancer at VideoToOrder

For freelancers who offer services related to video production, video editing, video marketing, etc., just starting out and finding new clients can be pretty difficult to do. There are many established competitors out there and you might not be able to find clients right away. However, with the launch of our video creation marketplace,, it is becoming easier for any freelance video professional to start making money selling their video-related services almost right away without the need of their own website, formal business formation, branding, marketing and other expensive business development steps.

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Freelance Video Production – Rise of the Video Freelancer In the Age of Video

In the land of digital video, freelance video production will be king (or queen).

So, you have finally decided to say “sayonara” to your day job and go the freelance route – or maybe you’re just going to go part-time until your freelance video production or editing business can replace your regular income. That’s great because being a freelancer means you will have all the perks of being your own boss:

  • working flexible hours,
  • choosing your clients
  • making money doing what you LOVE to do- and best of all,
  • keeping all of the profits earned from your work.

Of course, freelancing has its challenges, too but the rewards, in my opinion, are much, much greater than the risks.

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7 Common Problems New Freelancers Face and How To Fix Them Quickly

For new freelancers, starting a freelancing business is one of the simplest ways to make money online without having to spend your time at the office every day. You can set your own workplace, your own work time, your own clients, and even your own earnings. This is why freelancing is becoming one of the most popular businesses that people have, especially those who love to work at home.

However, new freelancers often face various challenges in their freelancing business, which usually discourage them from continuing on their path. If you are a new freelancer, how can you overcome these challenges?

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Video Freelancers Will Soon Have Their Very Own Marketplace is Launching Soon!, the global video marketplace, is looking for video freelancers and video entrepreneurs to help tackle how the huge demand for video content and related services are met.

Chances are, if you’re here right now… we NEED you.

So here’s the deal: We’re developing a fantastic video-related services marketplace just for you, Vtreps! We want to offer you the opportunity to connect with a world of buyers looking for video content, video editing, video marketing and other video related services; the things we think you’re most passionate about and Continue reading “Video Freelancers Will Soon Have Their Very Own Marketplace”