3 Ideas to Kick-start Small Business Video Marketing Creativity

creative small business video marketing ideas

I have news for you: creative small business video marketing ideas don’t have to look, sound and smell like video advertising!

The explosion of social media means that businesses now know a lot more about their customers. It also means that businesses both large and small are under pressure to make that great first impression with their clients. Using videos in your marketing strategy could be the smartest thing a business owner can do for the promotion of their brand.

The following are three super creative small business video marketing ideas that brands are using videos to promote their business:

Using Twitter

If you’re business is already on Twitter, good for you. Have a cookie! Now, would be a good time to follow VideoToOrder.com on Twitter, too. What happens when one of your followers on Twitter asks you a question? Your write back a reply and try to be as courteous and informative as possible. Right? That’s good, it works well, and leaves everybody happy (hopefully!).

If it just struck you that something’s missing, that’s because it is. More and more companies are using social media and videos in unexpected ways to double their response rate and make a real connection with their followers. While most companies think of Twitter as a text-based platform, one of ways of shaking things up is by sending video replies to your followers on Twitter. Rather than just responding to tweets with plain text, create a video that informative and engaging to keep your Twitterers coming back for more.

Unsubscribing Are We?!

So, your client punched the unsubscribe button on one of your daily / weekly e-mails that they receive from your business. Whether they’re not interested anymore, disgruntled or have moved on like a bad relationship. No matter what your client’s reason to leave might be, most companies would just ‘take it like a man’ and accept defeat. Well, not some brands.

The ability to re-engage users who have hit the unsubscribe button on your site is an art, and most companies prefer to use plain text to ask their soon-to-be-ex clients why they’ve decided to leave. More and more brands have started to shake things up a bit by using videos instead. For instance, Groupon uses a video that allows unsubscribers to “punish” the person who is sending them emails they do not need. Once you click on the punish button, another person appears in the video scolding Derrick and even throws a glass of water on his face. At the end of this quirky video, unsubscribers get a chance to show some pity on poor Derrick and re-subscribe to Groupon’s emails. Now that’s genius!

Create a Wacky Video

Who says video marketing has to be serious. While you can use video SEO and the latest conversion tactics to get more people to subscribe to your service, the fact of the matter is that everybody needs to have some fun in their lives as well. Using a business video to show off your fun side allows your customers to take their shoes off, relax and enjoy a video which is informative, engaging and has a ton of personality.

These are just three creative small business video marketing ideas in which a businesses can use videos to promote their brand and build a deeper connection with their audience.

Surely there are hundreds of other video marketing ideas out there that don’t look like the traditional television advertisement! We’d love to hear your creative small business video marketing ideas, too. Share your tip or idea with us below!

About L. Scott Harrell

My primary interest is meeting the burgeoning demand for video content; specifically, custom video content creation across a sweeping range of needs and budgets.

Author: L. Scott Harrell

My primary interest is meeting the burgeoning demand for video content; specifically, custom video content creation across a sweeping range of needs and budgets.