Using Video to Establish Yourself as an Expert

I just finished reading an interesting and insightful article, “If You Are Still Ignoring YouTube, You’re Missing Out (Again) on Being a Leader”, by INfluencer Tara Hunt here on LinkedIn. This is the first time I’ve come across any of her material; she breaks down the world of vlogging and social media through her own YouTube channel and articles she is publishing on LinkedIn. She creates content that is both personable and really easy to understand.

The basis of her article is that YouTube is still wide-open for grabbing up market share of thought-leadership in the marketing space essentially because Continue reading “Using Video to Establish Yourself as an Expert”

How to Take Great Video with Your Smartphone or Mobile Device

You can shoot great video on your mobile phone without a video crew or a studio full of equipment and still get professional quality video. Sure, a crew of video professionals and high quality gear can help, but fear not! These aren’t necessary to shoot great videos. In fact, capturing footage on your phone is not only efficient (anywhere, anytime… ) but can also lend an authentic feel that really resonates with potential clients through your video marketing efforts.

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Making Great Explainer Videos – The 7 Key Ingredients Every How-To Video Must Have

The 7 Keys Ingredients of a Great Explainer Video

An explainer video is a very short animated video used to introduce a concept, product, website, company, or anything else that has many details. The explainer video is short, usually between 1 – 3 minutes, and is usually presented in the form of a cartoon. These videos can either include talking characters, a narrator, or both.

Sounds easy enough, right? But how exactly do you make an effective explainer video that your audience will like, share and engage with through social media? The first thing that you need to do is to understand the basic structure of a great explainer video. Without understanding the proper construction of the various types of explainer videos, it will be very difficult to create an interesting and compelling message that will capture and satisfy your audience’s attention.

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The 5 Absolute Worst Video Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Video marketing has become a huge part of business-to-consumer  (B2C) marketing. With every passing day, video marketers are getting more experienced and savvy, but many businesses who are just beginning to experiment with video are still making the worst video marketing mistakes, which are easy to avoid with a little pre-planning and thought (and knowing that there is, in fact, a list of “worst video marketing mistakes”). Continue reading “The 5 Absolute Worst Video Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)”

How to Get More YouTube Channel Subscribers Fast, FREE and Easy!

If you’re not one of YouTube’s ONE BILLION active users a month and are yet familiar, YouTube is a video hosting and sharing website that allows any registered video creator to publish a video channel to which they can upload, view and share videos. Creators work to build YouTube channel subscribers, who are essentially fans. Registered users can watch, like and comment on these videos as well as subscribe to content creators’ channels. Unregistered user can only view videos on YouTube. Continue reading “How to Get More YouTube Channel Subscribers Fast, FREE and Easy!”

The 3 Unexpected Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

If you are thinking about adding interactive videos to your marketing strategy, bravo! You have made the right decision. The use of videos as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Beyond the obvious benefits of video marketing, like the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits of video, easy delivery of your marketing message, increased customer retention, etc., nothing can boost a customer’s awareness and recall more effectively than a well-produced video. But, did you realize that there are additional tangible benefits your business can experience in addition to mere customer awareness? Continue reading “The 3 Unexpected Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business”

6 Reasons Why Hiring a Freelance Videographer is Better for Business

Six reasons why hiring a freelance videographer is a better business decision than bringing video production in-house.

As the march towards video continues to dominate the discussion around marketing for small and medium sized businesses, the inevitable question becomes, “Which is better, hiring a freelance videographer or bringing video production in-house?”

No one can argue that video has recently become an integral part of any effective marketing campaign – and for good reason; a good marketing video is usually fast-paced, engaging and can capture and hold the attention of the audience within a matter of seconds. For these reasons and others (video is also a fundamental part of search engine optimization, too), the use of video as a marketing tool is projected to continue to skyrocket.

As a matter of fact, video marketing is projected to increase by more than 25%, making it a $140 billion industry.

But, as a business owner, how exactly do you get started with video production? You generally have a choice: Continue reading “6 Reasons Why Hiring a Freelance Videographer is Better for Business”

3 Ideas to Kick-start Small Business Video Marketing Creativity

I have news for you: creative small business video marketing ideas don’t have to look, sound and smell like video advertising!

The explosion of social media means that businesses now know a lot more about their customers. It also means that businesses both large and small are under pressure to make that great first impression with their clients. Using videos in your marketing strategy could be the smartest thing a business owner can do for the promotion of their brand. Continue reading “3 Ideas to Kick-start Small Business Video Marketing Creativity”

How Do I Get My Videos to Rank Higher on Google? The 9 Secrets of Video SEO

Are you trying to get your videos to rank higher on Google Search?

You’re not alone. Everyone else is working hard to get their videos to rank higher on Google, YouTube and anywhere else they can upload, market and promote their videos, too. The good news is that if you do these nine things before uploading your video, you’re already way ahead of everyone else because very few video content creators think about video search engine optimization (SEO) early enough.

You probably already know what a powerful tool video is for promoting your business, but you can’t fully take advantage of it without proper exposure through rankings on Google and YouTube. As a video content creator or video marketer, if you don’t optimize your videos they will not be seen and you will not get desirable results from your marketing campaign.

Check out this great video from the Sold with Video YouTube Channel on how to get videos to rank higher on Google Continue reading “How Do I Get My Videos to Rank Higher on Google? The 9 Secrets of Video SEO”

Get Better Audio While Shooting Video with Your Smartphone or Mobile Camera

Everyone is shooting video with their smartphones, mobile cameras, iPad and tablets these days but often forget that audio is as important as video quality; getting better audio on a any mobile device, however, can be a real challenge.

Nowadays, most mobile devices, like cellular smartphones, iPads and tablets have an excellent video camera and recording features that allow you to record high quality videos with a minimum of 720p HD resolution. These features allow almost anyone with a recent mobile device to record anything that he wants in glorious high definition and actually make the video look pretty close to professional with a little proper filming technique that is easy to learn.

However, the biggest drawback of shooting video with a mobile device is the quality of the audio captured can be terrible. Continue reading “Get Better Audio While Shooting Video with Your Smartphone or Mobile Camera”