7 New Markets That Deepfake Videos Are Going To Create

Though they promise to bring massive chaos, deepfake videos (deepfakes) are an inevitability. The technology used to create these videos just needs a little fine-tuning, and the internet is diligently working away at that. Add in advanced speech synthesis, like Adobe’s VoCo, and suddenly a whole range of new markets open up.

For better or worse, here are seven deepfake business opportunities that you’re almost guaranteed to see at some point shortly: Continue reading “7 New Markets That Deepfake Videos Are Going To Create”

How to Find the Perfect Voice Over Artist for Your Marketing Video

In today’s media-rich environment, we need to identify the key elements that make your video marketing immediately engaging. You only have a matter of seconds.

Guess what?

According to a 2012 study cited by the Wall Street Journal, the sound of the speaker’s voice is twice as important as the message itself.

But that’s not all:

The speaker’s voice quality accounted for 23% of listener’s evaluations; the content of the message accounted for 11%.

This is likely due to the fact that the audience is multi-tasking while “watching” your video.

(Be honest – You do it, too.)

When creating a “successful marketing video” (the video is actually causing the viewer to take some intended action) there are key elements that must be in place in order to achieve your desired results.

Since the message is only half as important as the speaker’s voice, it makes sense that the voiceover and audio tracks are of the utmost importance.

A great voice over delivered by a professional gives your brand a much needed confidence boost by combining strategic delivery with the right tone.

Need more proof? Take a look at this: Continue reading “How to Find the Perfect Voice Over Artist for Your Marketing Video”

5 Reasons Why Freelancers MUST Promote their Gigs (and What Happens When They Don’t)

I have a friend that offers voice-over business consulting services primarily to those who are new to the voiceover profession. In his usually very sound advice he advocates offering VO, narration and voice acting services through freelance marketplace websites, like VideoToOrder.com, and others.

He actually suggests setting up profiles and offering gigs in not one website, but in as many sites as possible – and I’m totally onboard with that.

Yesterday he posted a video in which he advocated offering freelance voice services through gig economy websites but then he said something odd.

He said, this:

Do not post links to your gig pages from your social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.”

The reason he gave was equally shocking: Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Freelancers MUST Promote their Gigs (and What Happens When They Don’t)”

How to Write Powerful Scripts for Short Marketing Videos

In today’s hurried life, more and more people crave instant gratification in every aspect of their lives, including the videos they watch. Videos created for video marketing purposes need to be short and punchy, which often creates a challenge writing a script that communicates the call to action (CTA) and compels the viewer to move through the marketing funnel in the shortest amount of time.

One of the most important elements of a great marketing video is a solid script to accompany it. – L. Scott Harrell

The average person has a very short attention span, which is one of the reasons YouTube has become so incredibly popular. “Successful” YouTube marketing videos are short and ones that viewers can absorb in a matter of mere minutes rather than having to invest a great deal of time to uptake their messages. The owners of YouTube channels want to upload videos that will actually be watched and enjoyed by their audience and build their subscriber numbers. Therefore, the demand for entertaining and successful short clips is very high.

If you are using videos in your marketing, you need to be able to deliver to your viewers and prospects the highest quality and most captivating short video clips as possible. One of the most important elements of a great marketing video is a solid script to accompany it. Continue reading “How to Write Powerful Scripts for Short Marketing Videos”

VideoToOrder has Launched! What Happened This First Week in Startup

VideoToOrder.com has been open to the public in beta now for 7 days. The site launched at approximately 5pm on May 19, 2017 to very little fanfare but constant messages from users eager to get a jump on getting their freelancer profiles and video services up before others. It seems that our voice services brand ambassador (and voice over talent), Earl Hall, had been talking up our freelance video production services website for several weeks and had gotten a few of his social media followers worked up into a froth about jumping onto the newest platform that would potentially launch their freelance voice-over service businesses by connecting them with other freelancers who are working on video projects. As a result, the website has started off a bit heavy in the freelance voiceover services category.

This first week, VideoToOrder.com added 62 users who posted 37 video services, which was higher than I had expected. The majority of those services, 23 of them, were posted Continue reading “VideoToOrder has Launched! What Happened This First Week in Startup”

The Freelance Video Production Marketplace – VideoToOrder Early Access

VideoToOrder.com, the video production marketplace where buyers can find freelance service providers online to make videos for them, is launching with exclusive beta access to early adopters and those who want to take advantage of “being in” at the very top.

L. Scott Harrell - Founder & CEO VideoToOrder.comMy name is L. Scott Harrell and I am the Founder and CEO of VideoToOrder.com. Thanks for clicking through to read this article; I’m truly excited that you’re interested in our video production marketplace. I am 100% committed to supporting you and your success through our new and innovative video services marketplace. Whether you are buying or selling video-related services, it is absolutely important to me that have a fantastic and rewarding experience.

Let me quickly fill you in with a little bit more information about VideoToOrder.com (VTO) and what will happen in the next few weeks; hopefully I’ll answer some of your questions along the way, too. Continue reading “The Freelance Video Production Marketplace – VideoToOrder Early Access”

Using Video to Establish Yourself as an Expert

I just finished reading an interesting and insightful article, “If You Are Still Ignoring YouTube, You’re Missing Out (Again) on Being a Leader”, by INfluencer Tara Hunt here on LinkedIn. This is the first time I’ve come across any of her material; she breaks down the world of vlogging and social media through her own YouTube channel and articles she is publishing on LinkedIn. She creates content that is both personable and really easy to understand.

The basis of her article is that YouTube is still wide-open for grabbing up market share of thought-leadership in the marketing space essentially because Continue reading “Using Video to Establish Yourself as an Expert”

The Video Creation Marketplace – Making Money as a Freelancer at VideoToOrder

For freelancers who offer services related to video production, video editing, video marketing, etc., just starting out and finding new clients can be pretty difficult to do. There are many established competitors out there and you might not be able to find clients right away. However, with the launch of our video creation marketplace, VideoToOrder.com, it is becoming easier for any freelance video professional to start making money selling their video-related services almost right away without the need of their own website, formal business formation, branding, marketing and other expensive business development steps.

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How to Take Great Video with Your Smartphone or Mobile Device

You can shoot great video on your mobile phone without a video crew or a studio full of equipment and still get professional quality video. Sure, a crew of video professionals and high quality gear can help, but fear not! These aren’t necessary to shoot great videos. In fact, capturing footage on your phone is not only efficient (anywhere, anytime… ) but can also lend an authentic feel that really resonates with potential clients through your video marketing efforts.

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Making Great Explainer Videos – The 7 Key Ingredients Every How-To Video Must Have

The 7 Keys Ingredients of a Great Explainer Video

An explainer video is a very short animated video used to introduce a concept, product, website, company, or anything else that has many details. The explainer video is short, usually between 1 – 3 minutes, and is usually presented in the form of a cartoon. These videos can either include talking characters, a narrator, or both.

Sounds easy enough, right? But how exactly do you make an effective explainer video that your audience will like, share and engage with through social media? The first thing that you need to do is to understand the basic structure of a great explainer video. Without understanding the proper construction of the various types of explainer videos, it will be very difficult to create an interesting and compelling message that will capture and satisfy your audience’s attention.

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