We are launching an online marketplace focused on matching buyers of all types of video content and video-related services with video professionals from around the world.

Everyone knows that going into 2016 they need video content in order to compete for the attention of online consumers, but very few have:

  • figured out how to actually create good video content,
  • the time or equipment required to plan, shoot and edit their own video content, or
  • the confidence to get in front of the video camera and “put themselves out there.”

If the need for custom video content and distribution is a pain point, then VTO is the solution. VideoToOrder.com solves the need for video content production and marketing by offering buyers a huge selection of freelance video professionals based upon their own needs and budget.

Whether someone wants to buy or sell video content, video production or other video related service, VideoToOrder.com is the place to be.

We intend a formal launch date of November 1, 2016.


A new survey published by the Custom Content Council indicated that content marketing budgets were going to dramatically rise to nearly $44 Billion, reflecting a substantial move away from traditional advertisement-based spending and that the appetite for video reins with 57% of respondents expecting to use more; higher than last year’s 54%.

Consider these statistics specific to video related content and online video advertising:

  • By next year video ad spending will increase from $1.97 billion to $5.71 billion.
  • 65% of U.S. marketers plan to increase their mobile ad budgets to account for video according to eMarketer.
  • 22% of U.S. small businesses plan to post a video in the next 12 months according to BIA/Kelsey.
  • 76% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube and video marketing according to Social Media Examiner.
  • By the end of 2016, over 66% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video according to Cisco.

Video content is coming of age as Internet access is becoming an indispensable public utility as necessary as electricity, water and telephone. While infrastructure scales up and technological advancements roll out, bandwidth and download speeds are making video content available for almost every connected consumer in the world.

We are on the cusp of a content revolution! NOW is the time to be in a video-centric business.


VideoToOrder.com The Online Freelance Video MarketplaceWHY WE LAUNCHED VIDEOTOORDER.COM

Cisco indicates that by 2018, video will account for nearly 95% of all Internet traffic. Beyond entertainment value, video content is the preferred way for online viewers to obtain consumer information, make purchasing decisions and learn more about absolutely anything that interests them because it’s both easier to share and consume; videos can clearly communicate complex concepts or technical instruction in a manner that is often much more time consuming and difficult to accomplish with text.

We are building a vertical that we hope will one day provide shape and direction to entrepreneurial filmmaking and how the massive commercial demand for video content for business and personal reasons will be met.

Freelance and micro job marketplaces are among the fastest growing companies on the Internet today. VideoToOrder.com is in the enviable position to potentially transform the multibillion dollar video market.